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Dancing in the Flames

Following up on my experience with the Black Madonna, I would like to share this movie with you which has just been an incredible inspiration to me at these times. Yes: Trust!!! So long;) Dancing in the Flames     Advertisements

To the lands of Pachamamma

My Dears One month before take off I am experiencing feelings I seem unable to hold. What to do with all the excitement, the panic, the joy, and sadness? Excited because there is so much adventure ahead and I am fulfilling my dream to go on an open end journey around the world, also known […]

Travel theme: Street Markets

Every Goddess likes to shop so I would like to join my fellow travel bloggers on this weeks travel theme. A nice preparation for the roads out and about I would say. Friday morning at the weekly market at Zurich Bürkliplatz. Buy a bag of rose leaves and sprinkle your bed for a romantic night […]