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To the lands of Pachamamma

My Dears

One month before take off I am experiencing feelings I seem unable to hold. What to do with all the excitement, the panic, the joy, and sadness?

Excited because there is so much adventure ahead and I am fulfilling my dream to go on an open end journey around the world, also known as vagabounding 😉

Panicked because I’ve let everything go that used to be mine and home and save and secure, like a job and a place to live. All I need I will carry in my heart and on my back and this does create some sort of restructuring of my being that is painful at times.

Joyful I am because now I have the chance to reinvent myself, to be the best self I can be and for a time just to relax before I head into the next projects which are very sure to come.

And sad I am because I leave so many wonderful friends and family behind. In the end this is the most important thing in life always and forever. We will miss each other and we will see each other again for sure! Glad to know they know I just have to go now.

So I just want to share this beautiful picture, of an unfortunately unidentifiable artist of Pachamma holding her child.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Alma Gitana

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