The Moon Temples

My little preconception was that the Inka culture was predominantly male based. But as you can see from my previous article The Andean Cosmovision, it is all about balance & equilibrium. Yin & Yang, Male & Female, Dark & Light, Above & Below – and in between we humans spiritually begotten by the Father Sun and the Mother Moon (still trying to find out what is the significance of the Pachamamma or is she also “just” part of the middle world like we humans?!).

Coming from a Goddess Tradition my interest in the Moon Temples naturally is of high relevance. Feeling blessed of the experiences I am allowed to make here some insights about the moon temples I visited so far.

First one was in Pisaq at the ceremonial place called Intiwatana and it was when I started to feel the spirits of the mountains, called Apus, recognizing me. So they send me an Indio guide who later invited me to an Inca ceremony high up by a mountain laguna, an incredible blessing. The sounds of the traditional pan’s pipe drifting on the waves produced by the wind getting in contact with the water and I was reminded that I can fly like an Eagle because there is really just one journey in this life!

Of all the great places I’ve already visited of course Machu Pichhu is the most famous and most amazing place! Unsurprisingly there is a temple of the moon as well but located a 6 hours march from the MP center where the customary bathes, houses, astronomical observatory, and of course the Temple of the Sun are located.  It happened so that I even was up the Wayna Picchu from where it would have taken me only 2 more hours to get there (and of course 3 back and the day would have been gone…). Why I didn’t even attempt to go there is for the strange reason that I’ve met 2 guys, one in Pisaq and one in MP who were telling me exactly the same: “Don’t go to the temple of the moon it is super exhausting and absolutely not worth it!”  Later though I talked to a guy who works there for 16 years and is very attached to the place, explaining me the energy of the Temple of the Moon (a cave!) in Machu Picchu is so high people cannot bear to be there for very long, so it’s the perfect place to find solitude and practice ritual!! Hearing this I just put it out there that please, visiting MP wasn’t a once in a lifetime experience and should I return to Cuzco I will attempt to visit this magic place, yes!

Because how strong the energy of such a moon dedicated cave is I was allowed to experience a few days later. Wanting to visit the Temple of Water situated 11km from Cusco in a place called Tambomachay I made myself up for a little walking. Tambomachay was a blessing despite the disallowance of approaching the sacred wells representing the Water of Life for the Incas, I was able to wash and drink the sacred water before going on a lovely lonesome exploration of the Sacred Valley’s Sierra. Imagine I found a ritual space rounded with stones and containing eight fireplaces and super strong energy from current usage, there I could also enjoy a 360 degree view of the mountains delighting in the space and blessing they provide.

Following my nose or having my feed guided, one can never be so sure;) I made it down a valley along a river tempted to go up to the caves I discovered but walking on just to see from far what looked like an artificial hill, Silbury UK style, containing just a few old steps and fallen walls. The old women selling souvenirs there confirmed it, yes I’d found another temple of the moon and this one extremely special! Because in the hill there was in fact a cave, at the entrance of that cave one can find (with some imagination…;) the reliefs of the snake, the jaguar, and the condor! Inside there is the structures of  a woman’s body on the cave’s ceiling and after I was finally alone there I just let myself be filled by the lunar power praying for my dreams to become stronger and clearer because this is the path! A magic day indeed.

Next I’d been up to the Island of the Moon at the Titicaca Lake in Bolivia. One boat a day tuckers out there, a slow and windy 3 hours boat ride pleasurable nevertheless with the view over this amazing ocean of the Andes with snowy peaks in the background.

The temple itself is rather fallen down with some arches rather cheaply reconstructed (for more pictures go to my facebook page!) the location is amazing overwhelming and venerable. I imagine the priestesses of old pilgering out there to honor their mother the Moon. Just what I really felt out there is how we as a human race (luckily with exceptions!) are disconnected to nature. Tourists are shipped to the sacred places to take a few pictures and buy souvenirs. Nothing more, really?! I’ve discovered offerings of stones and flowers in the niches, left my own, happily knowing that some people still refer to the powers of this place. The energy vibrates if one just cares to listen, the spirits of the death reside there.

My last archeological exploration lead me to what is also referred to as the oldest city of the world, Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. It’s rather off the beaten track and I went there because it is supposedly also aligned to the stars 15’000 years ago (…) like other ancient sites for example the Sphinx in Egypt and Ankor Wat in Cambodia. These things fascinate me to no end, the reality is certainly that the culture of Tiahuanaco is pre-Incan and about 3000 years old. They built subterranean temples, step pyramids, and huge intricately designed monolith statues, the most famous monument being the Sun Portal. A one piece stone door that is of course aligned to the equinoxes. Happily surprised I was to find here also a Moon Portal (La Puerta de la Luna) where I left my offerings as I was instructed at what I call the Puma Temple but this is another story 😉

I send this with warm greetings from La Paz the amazing capital of Bolivia, where I am happily enjoying the hospitality of a beautiful (inside and out 😉 witch sister I have found through Couchsurfing. Tomorrow I will go on my 3 day journey to the rainforest (La Selva!), the Amazon of Peru where I will work with a Shaman and learn more about the use of the sacred plants, woow 😀


gipsy soul


2 comments on “The Moon Temples

  1. I can feel in my heart your deep Love to the moon and it’s surrounding magic.
    Thank you for sharing this, everyday I still feel amazed with your incredible energy. Go with the flow!

  2. hey beautiful happy gipsysoul! sounds fabulous! i’m so glad you’re experiencing such wonderful things and visiting all these sacred places, where you feel connected with the great forces of nature.

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