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The Moon Temples

My little preconception was that the Inka culture was predominantly male based. But as you can see from my previous article The Andean Cosmovision, it is all about balance & equilibrium. Yin & Yang, Male & Female, Dark & Light, Above & Below – and in between we humans spiritually begotten by the Father Sun […]

Cosmovisión Andina – Andean Cosmovision

The next thing I really would like to share is about the Inca Worldview. Those familiar with the Shamanic worldview will certainly find equalities, no wonder have we not taken our modern neo-shamanic techniques exactly from the high cultures of the Americas. The Inca world consisted of 3 worlds: Hana Pacha, this is the world […]

In the Lands of Pachamamma :-D

In the Lands of Pachamamma :-D

My dears After 12 days in Cusco I can happily report to slowly getting used to the Peruvian way of life .:-D The headaches from a little high altitude sickness are gone, the unbearable living situation changed, first friends made and slowly but surely learning how to live the cheap and local way. Choose between […]

One woman two bags

FINALLY I’m on the road!! currently waiting for my connection to Frankfurt-PuertoRico-Panama-Lima-Cusco. In the air for the next 30 hours yes 😉 Saying goodbye to my loved Ones has been difficult and wonderful. My friends are such sweethearts and I know I am loved. To know this will help me now that I am all […]