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The Wisdom of Nature


All attributes I’d wanted to discover on my journey and guess what I found more!  How far I’ve travelled in the inner world there is no human speech to talk of this. Mind not the words are flowing for this is a new way of Being I’ve found.

How come? Well let’s say I’ve been in touch with a different dimension, an organic one.

In the western Amazonia rainforest, la selva, in Pucallpa Peru, 3 hours by car, 30 minutes by boat on the river Pachitea  and one hour by foot is a hot river with steaming waters. Along its shores wise men and a woman have built a Nature and Healing Center of the different kind. At the southwestern shores of the Amazonia rainforest amidst lush vegetation  people are invited to step through the doors of consciousness  into their inner world. A world of plant spirits and sea goddesses, tarantulas and hummingbirds, the Came Renako, Mucura, Chakruna and Ayahuasca  master plants. The sacredness of all is worshipped in a simple and realistic manner, life follows its mystic patterns, family values held high. The mind stimulated and the soul healed.

How is it done? You prepare yourself with a clean diet. No sugar, no salt, no meat, no spices, no coffee, no alcohol. Then the first step is to go through a purge, this means you drink a strong plant like Tobacco or Huancaui that will make you puke out all the poisoning that accumulated in your being not just on a physical level. Opening new possibilities of perception and serving as a container to hold the ageold and abiding wisdom of the plants you are going to ingest subsequently. This might be for protection, for healing of specific issues and visionary understanding. The plant medicine is blessed with sacred tobacco smoke and consumed three times a day along with a light and simple diet. Every 2 or 3 days the Maestro holds a ceremony. The effect of the powerful Ayahuasca and Chakruna mixture is different on each person, its Healing capacity tremendous. I care not to describe my experience in public, let it be said though that I’ve merged with the Earth and from this state emerged a new Beingness. After all the stress I have finally found peace, after all the loss I have finally found love, after all the doubts I finally trust. Now life is enfolding and I am tremendously grateful for the flow of creativity and the waves of love. Yes we do create our lives indeed and magic happens!

YMT Mancora, Peru (where I intend to set up my first medicine dance, ahyee!!

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