Travel theme: Street Markets

Every Goddess likes to shop so I would like to join my fellow travel bloggers on this weeks travel theme. A nice preparation for the roads out and about I would say.

Friday morning at the weekly market at Zurich Bürkliplatz. Buy a bag of rose leaves and sprinkle your bed for a romantic night a-deux 😉

One of my favorite stalls in Antigua Guatemala’s daily market: Candelas, Aqua Florida and other magical stuff used for religious purposes.

At the same market I found these “Konfetti” not sure what they do with this stuff throughout the year but I thought it’s funny and beautiful.

I love fresh fruit, especially Pinepples and Mangos. Unfortunately with the later I usually make quite a mess when trying to cut them, the more I am impressed with these beautiful Mangos on the Stick version here found in Aquas Azules in Chiapas Mexico.

My absolute favorite in the streets of Goa India: Fresh Sugar Cane juice. Just add a little lemon and you have the sweetest most refreshing beverage possible.

And last but not least a little selection of fresh herbs and spices as they are widely available in markets of Cairo Egypt.

So long.

Alma Gitana – Gipsy Soul

2 comments on “Travel theme: Street Markets

  1. These are gorgeous, I want to rush out and buy rose petals right now. 🙂

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