Cosmovisión Andina – Andean Cosmovision

The next thing I really would like to share is about the Inca Worldview. Those familiar with the Shamanic worldview will certainly find equalities, no wonder have we not taken our modern neo-shamanic techniques exactly from the high cultures of the Americas.

The Inca world consisted of 3 worlds:

  • Hana Pacha, this is the world above where the Gods live like the Sun, the Moon, Lightening, Stars & the Rainbow. It is represented by the sacred bird the Great Condor.
  • Kay Pacha, this is the world of the here now where humans, animals and plants live. It is represented by the sacred wildcat the Jaguar.
  • Ukhu Pacha, this is the world below where the dead, the spirits and the sick live. It is represented by the sacred Snake.

This trilogy I’ve already encountered on many places. In the old ceremonial centers one can fine stones cut with the three steps and representations of the sacred animals have been found in caves. It is also a common subject in modern art.

Cosmovisión Andina by Luis Alberto Miranda found at a special exhibition at the museum of regional history

OMG I love this place! They’ve just paraded a Mother Mary statue outside my window, along with music and dancers;) Yes this all is why I want to be here, to understand more the sacredness of this world, el mundo magico de Peru! The animals have called me that is for sure, or else I wouldn’t have tattooed them forever on my body.

All things have a soul and we are all connected. Gracias Tata Ini (Padre Sol) y Pahxi Mama (Madre Luna) tomorrow on my last day in Cusco I will go to the lagoons in the mountains to experience an authentic Inca ceremony, what a blessing this journey.

May the power be with us.
Gipsy Soul

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2 comments on “Cosmovisión Andina – Andean Cosmovision

  1. […] was that the Inka culture was predominantly male based. But as you can see from my previous article The Andean Cosmovision, it is all about balance & equilibrium. Yin & Yang, Male & Female, Dark & Light, […]

  2. thanks for sharing what you learn on your big journey, sweetheart. Love Rebecca

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