In the Lands of Pachamamma :-D

My dears

After 12 days in Cusco I can happily report to slowly getting used to the Peruvian way of life .:-D The headaches from a little high altitude sickness are gone, the unbearable living situation changed, first friends made and slowly but surely learning how to live the cheap and local way. Choose between a meal on the street (1-3S/=.40-1.20$) or in a restaurant for locals (6-8S/=2.40-3.20$) or in a tourist restaurant (from $20 upwards). Can’t stand these tourist crowds anyway, and really what is better an Alpaca Steak with fancy Quinoa risotto or some carne y una papata on a spit? Same goes with the driving around, in the city a taxi is 3S/, the collectivo is .60S/ hey that’s 1$ saved per ride!! Or the bus ride to the countryside is like 2-3S/ the taxi 30-50S/ (unless you use the local one which is 5S/) and the tourist agency charge like 40$.

But enough of the business that is life… I am tired today after visiting the Suyaiwari community, another great day spent walking around the Sacred Valley and the highlight certainly was being able to use a kitchen, cut some veggies and cook Italian style pasta! They’re really nice and the house is fantastic, the work sounds interesting but I am not sure if I like the area (the river there is really contaminated unfortunately) but I will consider going to live there for a while later in the year.

So for know I just would like to share some pictures of the Pachamamma I encountered on my way so far.

Powerful Inka Style

Fertile Amazonian Style

Christian Style, Mary of the Milk or something;)

And as Mother Ayahuasca

Liebe Grüsse, Küsse & Umarmungen

die Zigeunerseele;)

2 comments on “In the Lands of Pachamamma :-D

  1. Hello sisterheart! I like the picture from “Mary of the milk”! I was feeling the same…

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