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Welcome to Goddess Travel Diary

My Dears

Why a Goddess Travel Diary and not just another I travel around the world Blog? Well I think the answer lies within the question, there are just too many ordinary travel blogs out there. Some are really good, others rather boring. And I am not just writing this because I want to tell my friends and family where I am and how I am doing. This is part of it, but not the entire story. With my ever expanding interests my focus for this 24 months adventure tends to get lost. In order to find the happiness and fulfillment I am looking for I have to focus on my roots. First chakra. Base. Foundation.

Warrior Women Prayer

Here I stand, ready, naked, and unashamed

I am ready to take up my calling as a Warrior Woman

My words are powerful and bring healing and peace to our planet

My actions are purposeful and bring solutions to humanity

My choices always support life

The Goddess is our Mother. She Is the Earth. Giver and Taker of Life. In Her honor I want to travel and experience. All her aspects shall be my guides and friends along her way. Every Crossroad is blessed by her and I trust in her protection because I am her child.

Every breath I take is a love song

Every step I make is a ritual

I intend this Blog to be soft and caring, looking out for the beauty in nature and the love connection between human being. If you are also interested in my more critical thoughts about this world along with describing the journey of transformation I am undergoing, please visit my other blog @ www.walkingthehimalayas.com.

You don’t need to come here every time you think of me, it is much easier to subscribe to the blog via the button on the upper right corner, so you will receive an email of me whenever I think of You!

Be Blessed

Gipsy Soul

One comment on “Welcome to Goddess Travel Diary

  1. Read this just at the right time. Thank you ❤

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